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Winter of 2013, just before Christmas, I was introduced to a fellow author, who asked me why was I not letting Quin out of the box? Quin is a character in another series I had been working on since I was a teenager. Little did I know that this conversation led me on my current quest. A self-publishing project, a series that I had no idea would burst into this amazing world with Dice Maddox as my protagonist. Dice Maddox and her mysteries were born.

Who is Dice Maddox?

I loosely based her off my younger self and bits of all the wonderful women I know and love dearly, friends, family and friends who are like family. 

Dice Maddox is this 26 year old in the first book in the rest of the series she’s 27, but she is this clever, beautiful young lady who knows what she wants and a nose for finding trouble. She isn't just good at her job she is experienced as well, and she gets back into the business she loves so much. She had taken a four-year break after her uncle and partner died in a car accident. Shaking things up she gets back into what she loves to do, and she is greeted with a few mysteries, and discovers along the way that the people she loves and who are close to her had their secrets as well. A reader said it reminded her of Nancy Drew meets the X-Files. 



R. J. Davies is a huge science fiction fan, reading, watching and writing it. Love conspiracy theories, history, theoretical physics, trying new things, always looking for my next adventure. 

R. J. Davies’ writing process consists of writing whenever she can. Notebooks, scraps of paper and coffee stained envelops, nothing is safe when a story idea hits or snippets of conversations and plot twists are being sorted out.

Most favorite questions start off with “What if” … what if this happens, what if that happens, what would it be like if this was real? Or what if that was real? 

My Journey


R. J. Davies, has lived in Toronto for a few years, currently resides in her home town Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. She has been writing since she was 8 years of age, telling stories, daydreaming, creating, and developing characters, places and tales of woe. 

Attended Sault College, started out in Police Foundations and then graduated from Computer Engineering. Since then has experienced as a Database Administration, Customer Service, Web Designing, Receptionist, Office Administration, who knows what will be next. 

Is a Licensed Private Investigator and Security Guard.

Lives with her teenage son, mom and their cat named Kopie. 

Note: her first book “Maddox Files: Back to Business” was published under R. J. Davies Mornix since then everything else has been under R. J. Davies.